Monday, April 19, 2021

Creating with Dollar Tree Nature Floral Stamps

 I have been having a blast creating with my Dollar Tree stamps. A buck has never performed better. Thus far the quality has been great. The Llama set did give me a bit of pause for one of the images only. The rest have been fine. I will chalk it up to user error. If you have not seen the videos I post it here

These are a couple of the up close photos I took. Trust me, they sparkle and glitter from the Spectrum Noir glitter markers. LOVE THOSE!!! 

Contrary to what is out there now, you can create something beautiful with minimal supplies. Stamping is my first love and I intend to do more of it.

If you keep it simple and limit yourself to just a few colors, you can crank out a stack of cards in no time at all.

Thanks for stopping by and please keep creating.
Until then.

Saturday, April 10, 2021

DOLLAR Tree doing the doggone thang

We have a winner. Ldybug please contact me at
If you have landed here from my YouTube channel, you are in the right place. You will need to leave a comment below to win one of the stamp sets. I truly do not need the summer one, and if none of you mind that the palm tree was used, I can include that as a third winner.

Dreamcatcher Set

Llama Set

This giveaway will close on Monday night and a winner selected on Tuesday. Please check back on this blog or the description box below the Vee-dio on YouTube to find out if you are the winner.

Good luck and thank you so much for your support.
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Sunday, April 4, 2021

Laminate Stamp Storage


Wanda, your name was selected. Please contact me at with an address for mailing your goodies to you. Thanks to all who participated.


First let me acknowledge that today is Easter Sunday, and Yes, He has risen.

If you are here for the giveaway you are certainly in the right place. To be entered, please leave a comment and you must have  U S A mailing address. The giveaway will close on Tuesday night and a winner announced on Wednesday.  Thank you so much for your support and for watching and hopefully learning from my videos.

I am still in the organization process and still learning after about 26 years, exactly how I craft. I love to rifle through my stash and find inspiration that way. The only time I am specific in looking, is when I am making a one-of-a-kind item for someone.

It is my hope that I can get my Creative Studio to a point of a virtual visual tour. I am still the ultimate container girl and that works well with my organizational process.

Keep crafting and creating.

Until Then.

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Happy come.

Hello crafters.
It has been a very interesting 2020. Hope all of you are faring well and keeping you, yourself and your families safe.
Distance Learning has ended for us and I for one am exhausted. It is much more challenging to keep students engaged on line than I ever needed to do face-to-face. We kept the faith and stayed the course.
During this time one of our students was out for a bit and I created a card(A2) to send from the class.

This one uses a some of the stickers that I picked up from the Dollar Tree and the scalloped circles are from punches. The Safari stickers are from a set I got from QVC eons ago. I do like to create some generic card bases and then add on stickers and sentiments as the occasion requires.

Please take this virus seriously. I lost a school mate to COVID-19 on Tuesday. He was laid to rest this past Saturday.

I will continue to keep the family lifted in prayer.
Until then.

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Teacher Gifts

Happy New Year.
I had promised to share up close pictures of my Teacher Gifts from my vee-dio.
Well here they are. I loved how they turned out. Too bad I did not sell ONE of them at my recent craft fair. The next time they are offered I will fill them with some note cards, pens and or thank you cards.

You could always fill this with a gift card, mug or coffee/tea pods. Teachers are definitely about that coffee life.

Thanks for visiting.

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Cracker Gift Box

Wow, wow, wow. Those cracker gift boxes were a big hit. I think the libations might have played a huge role also.

These were easy to make since I did them assembly style. It is also a great opportunity to use up candy purchased for other projects. Each box does not have to contain the same candies. 

This is a top view of the Cracker Boxes

I like that you can be as elaborate or as simple as you choose. I was in a hurry and so I went with patterned paper. 

You could use white and adorn each one with stamps and/or stickers.

There were left over bows from my Mug Treats and I pressed those into service for these. This made them quite festive. They were cut using the WRMK bow die and I used the JOT metallic paper from Dollar Tree.

I used that same metallic paper to created the box lid and used a variety of Christmas themed embossing folders.

I was told that the best way to use the shot glass was to let the whiskey swirl around and marinate for a bit prior to indulging. Another told me that he drank the shot and then simply at the shot glass. Options, options, options.

For my wine loving friends, I am thinking of enclosing a miniature bottle of wine and one of the tumbler wine glasses with their names in vinyl. That way we won't mix up glasses when we get together. I always claim the one that still has the most wine in it.

Thanks for stopping by and keep inking in the name of love.
Until then.