Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Quotes come to life

Hello everyone. Summer has sailed itself down the river. Can hardly believe that fall will soon be upon us. Yes, that causes me a great deal of angst. That means, wait for it, Christmas is on its way and I need to get busy. 

I have been taking some of my favorite quotes and turning them into wall plagues and other assorted things. I love looking up from my desk and there it hangs or sits to remind me of the good things life has to offer. I really do love this one from Maya Angelou. 

The coloring around the edge is actually a beautiful purple but this picture was taken in the twilight hours, and I did not want to burn it out with a flash. I kinda like the subdued look of it.

My baby sister wants me to turn this into a pillow for her. I will place it on the copier with a piece of purple fabric behind it so the white shows up and copy it onto transfer material (inkjet) and then stitch it up for her. 

I know my sewing machine will wonder what in the world is going on. She is actually plugging me in and using me. GASP!!!
Enjoy and until next time,