Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Hour Challenge: #3

Well as promised I am back to share with you what I did with the sheet of stamped images. Challenge #3 was to use our stamp in a way that it would not look like our stamp. Wow, that was a mouthful. I stamped a white piece of card using the Hero Arts Flower Cluster Sketch, again using just the petals. 

The stamp pads used were both Big and Juicy: Vibrant Primary and Hydrangea. I stamped both sides of the paper.

It is no big deal that there is white remaining because I am going to select the portions of the paper that I am going to use.

As a helpful hint. While working with the pads, I stamped the front and back at the same time using Vibrant Primary. That way I would not have to keep cleaning my stamp switching between the two pads. This was a definite time saver.

Ok. I won't make you wait any longer. Here is what I made!!!

Isn't this incredibly striking? I loved it and it was also my first foray into flower making. Bridget got me started when she included some in my October swap items. Look for the YouTube Vee-dio of all of my goodies.

You have probably seen something like this done before with the Spellbinders Scalloped Circles Nestabilities.

So how did I do it? Here we go:

Step 1: As stated above I stamped both sides of a piece of white card using the Big and Juicy pads and the Flower stamp.

Step 2: I then cut my paper into strips and laid out the Spellbinder scalloped circles on select locations on the paper. Each was put through the Cuttlebug to cut only.

Step 3: After cutting them I used a Spellbinder Classic Circle die to draw a centered circle on the back. This would prevent me from cutting too far into the die cut.


Step 4: I then used my Cutterbee Scissors and cut between each scallop; stopping at the pencil drawn circle

Step 5: After all of the dies were cut I spritzed them with Tattered Angels Glacier Mist, and Radiant Rain Coral. I love RR because it is a shimmery acrylic paint.

Step 6: While the die cut was still wet I placed it in my palm and curled my fingers around the petals. Then I cautiously hit it a few times with the heat gun. WARNING!!!! the heating tool gets VERY HOT--USE with caution. 

Step 7: This helped to get my cuts ready for curling. This can also be done on your craft sheet. They will need to be held in place to keep from blowing around.

Step 8: I then used a variety of cylindrical objects to curl the petals. Go carefully. For most of them I was able to use the red paint brush as it is tapered and perfect for the two smallest die cuts.

Step 9: Once they were all cut, I used various colors of Memories Direct inks to enhance the edges of the petals.

Now for the Assembling.

Step 10: Confession time. I have an addiction to a few adhesives on the market. If you have not heard Glossy Accents is my all time fave. A close second is this Scotch Quick Dry liquid glue. I placed a large dot inside of the drawn circle and started stacking the flowers. As you can see in the second picture the buds are very tight. Not to worry you want it this way.

 Step 10: I selected a Making Memories rhinestone for the center of the smallest flower.

After adhering the center piece, I gently pressed on the flower to loosen the buds.

Step 11: Enjoy your creation

This is not the end of Challenge 3. Sadly I will have to do another post on how I put together the card. Which means a bit longer wait for Challenge 4. Will tell you what that was on the next post.

All will be definitely inked with love.
Until then.

Happy Hour Challenges 1 & 2

Wow. Can I tell you all that I had a great time on Wednesday. Our very own Laura (designer for Cutters Creek) hosted a Happy Hour Challenge for our group. It was a blast creating and chatting with the girls. It did a lot to cheer me and lift my spirits. 

I have to admit that I have not been in the crafting mood for some time and was not interested in purchasing anything either. I allowed all of my Michael's Martha Stewart coupons to grow cold and unused. Nothing tickled my fancy.

When Laura suggested this crop I was all for it. I sat myself down and got ready for Challenge#1: Use the chalk popping technique to make a background for a card of your choosing...but you are only allowed to use the ONE
stamp (sentiment stamps are ok, though).

Here is my completed card.
Both stamps are from Hero Arts: Flower Cluster Sketch (H3129)--using just the flowers-- and Time to Enjoy (F1843)--separated to create two sections. I used the Pebbles Inc Pearlescent Chalking Set. The green satin ribbon is Anna Griffin and the Pearls are Queen and Co--Just Peachy. I used the Spellbinders Octagon Nestabilites and inked using Tim Holtz Peeled Paint and edged with Spiced Marmalade. This flower image was stamped on Ranger Glossy paper using Versamark which I zapped with the heat gun.

Fortified by my success with the first challenge I was ready for Challenge #2: Use one patterned paper and your one chosen stamp as an embellishment. You can color the stamp in using pencils, chalk, markers, whatever.

So here is what I produced.

First I spritzed the white card with Tattered Angels Glacier Mist (love that color) and this time I stamped the entire image and colored it in using EK Success Memory Pencils. I then went over that with various Distress Inks for a watercolor effect. I used the Tim Holtz Glossy Accents on the petals and dotted the centers with Studio G Sparkle Writer in black.

I cut out the image using Spellbinders Labels 6. I edged the card in black and used the leftover yellow ribbon from the first challenge to tie my stalks together. I simply used my craft knife to make the two slits and threaded the ribbon through and tied a knot.

The middle layer is the Spellbinders Pendants: Fleur de lis. I cut two of them from some Brenda Walton paper and layered so that the edges were aligned. I then used the small pendant square, cut it in half and trimmed to fit the space left between the two larger pendants. I used some of my Memories Direct small ink pads to enhance the colors on the edges of the die cut. It was subtle but made a huge difference.

I stamped the background on the black paper using just the flower portion of the stamp with white pigment ink and embossed with white embossing powder. It gives it a real shimmery look on the black card.  The small quote is from Brenda Walton. 

The entire card is attached to a piece of the American Crafts Sky: Pearl Alligator.

Me thinks I spent too much time on that card which put me way behind for Challenge #3: to use your stamp so that you would not know that you used your stamp.

I will leave you with a teaser and hopefully upload the completed project tomorrow along with Challenge 4.

So what do you think I used this to create?

You are in for a treat tomorrow. I certainly had fun inking these first three challenges...all in the name of love.
Until then.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

New Products We LOVE or HATE

Hello everyone. Wednesdays on my Yahoo group is a day to share new products that we love or hate. Well, mine is so eye-opening for me that I thought I would blog about it.

Ok, here is the story. A Hoover vacuum that I had owned for years (got it at the JCPenny outlet when I lived in Southern Cal) died on me. It had served me well for over 14 years with nary a problem. I could have extended its life by having it serviced and cleaned.

When it went kaput, I ran out to a local discount chain and picked up a bagless one they had on sale. Not the greatest vacuum but it worked. Only thing was that the dust and debris really collected in the filter area. I was tired of trying to brush it all out. Dust went everywhere. Sooo, I decided to wash it. Yes, I would get a clean filter and a better working vacuum. WRONG. Do not ever wash a filter unless it says that it is ok. That thing STANK!!! It smelled like old fish, or something left out to rot. Not one to throw in the towel, I surmised that baking soda might lift out the odor. In the interim I figured I had better start researching for a new vacuum cleaner. 

A week later the filter was still smelly. I could take it no longer. I had to get a vacuum. Well, I went out to a local chain discount store and went straight to the salesclerk. She took me to the back and we were looking for their vacuums. They had some cleaners but not ONE vacuum. Just as we were about to give up, she moved around a couple of boxes and found a Bissell in the back. The box had been opened but that was about it. 

She said is this the kind you were wanting. I told her it did not matter. I was desparate and needed to vacuum my house. My new Bissell comes home with me and I put it together that same day and vacuumed a bit in the living room. I was surprised at the amount of dirt and lint I was able to pick up.

Fast forward to the next day. I decide to become a cleaning machine and tackled my bedroom. I am a pretty good housekeeper. I vacuum the living room, hallway and dining room daily. The bedrooms get some attention at least twice a week. To my chagrin this is what came out of my carpet during the first run through on only one side my bedroom.

 Needless to say I was appalled. Now, I was vacuuming under the bed and along the baseboards, but gimme a break. 

This is what put in an appearance when I vacuumed the other side of my bedroom.

Now before you criticize me, I have a theory about what happened. My previous vacuumed worked, but not well enough. It was a bagless vacuum but the suction was not that great. Yes the tank would fill, but never to this point and not after vacuuming the entire house.

I was complaining that everything seemed so dusty. I would dust and later that day or the next day, everything was dusty again. I had the HVAC filters changed. No help. Hmmmm. What was going on? It was the vacuum cleaner. The suction was not powerful enough to remove all of the dust, dander, hair, etc from the carpet and walking on it only stirred it up. Not enough so that I would notice. I must add that I have several Sharper Image air purifiers and was having to clean them more often than usual. I have an Oreck in my bedroom and had the same problem. 

I was feeling really pleased with my bedroom and vacuumed the hallway. This is what I picked up.

I am sure you are thinking why is she posting this. Because I absolutely LOVE my new Bissell. 

Their motto is so true. They mean clean. I have the Little Green for liquid spills, but not for the floor. Now that I have this little beauty, I am not going anywhere else. A home shopping channel had the cleaner for a today's special--this was before I purchased mine. When I see one again, I will most definitely buy one.

Before you judge me, try a different vacuum cleaner on your floors. Will you be brave enough to post what you collect in the canister? Trust me; all vacuums are NOT created equal.

Until then.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What's in Zach's Sach?

OMG is about all I can say. My son received some mail yesterday from a member of my Yahoo group. Let me just preface this by saying she is one talented lady. As evidenced by this card, she should be designing for any company who appreciates versatility and style. Without much further ado, here is her awesome card. Thank you, Kathy.
 I tried to take the photos so that I would not get a glare from the flash since I was too lazy to pull out the Ott lite. Here is a closer look at that awesome monster.

 These were waiting on the inside of the card.

This does not do justice to her creativity. The Trick or Treat phrase is textured. Don't you just love the hand drawn bricks?

I know these are peels off but don't know the company. When I find out I will let you know. (Edited to add that these are the Black Dazzles---I have to add that these are FUN!!!)

The coloring is exquisite. What did you use? Sakura metallic pens or Copic Spicas? 

Did I mention that she is a wonderful Copic colorer? SHE IS and I want to feature more of her work here. 

Please leave a comment giving her some love and encouragement.

Well, Ms. Kathy certainly inked this one for the name of love.
Until then.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Zach's Sach

In honor of WI (Wisconsin) Debbie I am going to start a series called, 'What's in Zach's Sach?' During our last product swap, she included goodies for my son, Zachary. On the outside she had affixed bubble stickers saying Zach's Sac. I added the h simply because it is in his Well, remember the treasure chest of love I received from my Scrappin Friendz?

The next day there was something for my precious son. He was thrilled to be thought of by Mom's scrapbooking friends.

Here is what was in Zach's Sach:

This was so right on time for him. He loves Play Do, Dinosaurs, stickers and any kinds of games. The Monsters are perfect because he loves drawing them and this just gives him another creative outlet.


There was also a gift card for ToysRUs and of course he has used it. He wanted the Hot Wheels color shifter set and that is what he purchased.

You ladies rock. A special thank you to Bridget (who joined our small group a few months ago) and to her lovely daughter Stephanie for putting this together along with the Scrappin' Friendz.

We are blessed to have found each other and I don't like going one day without chatting with them. Although I have not posted much in the past couple of months, they all know that I am still there and leaning on them.

I am taking things one day at a time. I have reached for the phone a couple of times to telephone my Mom. She and I spoke on the phone EVERY day. It is hard and I miss them both so very much.

I'd like to say a special thank you to Schuyler, my new friend. Your prayers and support have been much appreciated. I will try to continue crafting and posting. 
Until then.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Echo Park: Halloween Collection

Happy October everyone. I have had this project completed for some time now, but just no time to write and post. I'd filmed myself completing the cards but decided not to post it because I feel like I sound horrible. Wanted to share with you what I did using the Echo Park collection that I purchased from

This is a lovely standing card that I created quite by accident, but love the results. I think these would make for great place cards at any event you are having. I am planning to make some for my friend who always does a large Thanksgiving gathering at her home. Mints could be placed in the hollow area of the card. Since there is so much valuable real estate on the back of the card, I could not resist adding something to it. 

I used the Spellbinders Halloween dies and cut one on the American Crafts glossy accents paper and another one on plain black card stock. I then glued those together so that the white background would not detract from the card.

The paper pack I used: Happy Halloween by Echo Park.

 I absolutely adore this paper pack. Here you are seeing a collection of the papers that are available.

This is a peek at the stickers, alphas, border strips and journaling blocks sheets.

After making one card, I simply could not stop and created another one. This time I reached for my Glossy Accents and some of the Martha Stewart Microbeads. I am addicted to those things.
The shoes are from the Spellbinders die. Everything else is from the Echo Park collection. I did use some of my Sakura pens to bling out the banners and the trick-or-treat.

This is the back view of the card that I left unadorned. A simple message could be easily attached and it does fold down nicely for mailing and fits a 4x6 envelope.

Aren't these just the cutest thing ever?

 Here is the template for this awesome card. Hopefully between this and the Vee-dio you will be able to follow my directions.

I think I will go ahead and work up some Fall ones and submit them to my Yahoo groups October Challenge being hosted by Lynda.

Due to the fact that these papers are so gorgeous, there was no need for a lot of inking on them. But don't let that stop you. As we all know, anything can be enhanced with a bit of ink, in the name of love of course.
Until then.