Friday, January 22, 2010

Scrapbooking: 6x6 Layout Ideas

Hello all and Happy New Year. I have felt absolutely awful about not having a camera for my photos. Scanning is ok, but does not do justice to the work that is put into crafting. With that said I went looking through some of my files and came across some 6x6 page layouts.

I had done wedding invitations for a client and wanted to use up the left over mock-up pieces that had been rejected. Her wedding had an autumnal theme thus the warm colors. When I had an arrangement I liked, I simply snapped a photo. I was free to move things as much as I wanted. I also employ this technique when doing actual scrapbook pages in progess. I take a photo of the finished layout design without adhering anything just in case I have to put it away before finishing.  Same idea used here.

You will see that many of them are based on the same layout but turned in various directions to achieve an entirely new look.  Of course the elements are interchangeable but gives me an idea of the overall effect. I tried to keep to the rule of thirds and odd numbers. Sometimes it does not always work out that way. That is when I go with what feels right for me.

The paper is WRMK paper by the pound, Bazzill and Bazzill bling and the fleur de lis--I have forgotten but it is written down somewhere. I usually reserve 6x6 albums to document one event since the space is small but you have a lot of photos and want to showcase each one. This would work well for Easter, Birthdays or Halloween if you want to see progression from year to year. I personally find this format easier to work with if I limit my embellishments from the beginning. It is certainly less overwhelming than a 12x12 page.

Once you decide on a layout that you like, take it and use it in many different ways by simply turning the page at 90 degree angles. This is the best way to utilize all of your hard work in putting the design together.

This is a brief post because I was feeling very guilty about the photos. I wanted to take care of the camera situation this weekend, but FlowerstoFlourishes is having their BIG sale and I did not want to miss out on any good deals.

I hope these layouts have inspired your creativity to make the most of scraps and leftover bits of paper. Any leftovers from the 6x6 can be used on your cards or make a background collage.

Thanks for stopping in again to see what is going on at Inkallusions. Please keep crafting and inking in the name of love.

Until then.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Clip Art Christmas Cards

Phenomenal. I have got to admit that this last minute brainstorm really worked in my favor. Since I was spending more time on the computer and editing Vee-dios, I was running out of time to make my own Christmas cards. Well, I had to resort to the easy way out, and loved what resulted.

(Photo to be inserted)

Using the free clipart samples from Dover Publications, I was able to whip them out lickety-split. I called upon my square and oval Nestabilities and Cuttlebug folders to give my cards some uummph and that personal touch. You might want to check out Dover and take advantage of some of their great sales on their CDs.

Using the snowman to create a pyramage was great. It could also be used as an invertage (the image builds from the center upwards).

(Photo to be inserted)The frame around the reindeer draws your eye to him. Using that tartan plaid Cuttlebug folder makes this a male friendly card. You could easily change the backing papers to a floral or swirl design and totally change the appearance of your card.

(Photo to be inserted)I am determined that my Christams 2010 cards will be totally handmade by me using my original artwork.

Well, I am feeling determined NOW...we shall see.

Regardless of where the artwork originates, there is one thing you can count on, they will definitely be inked with love.

Until then.

Cuttlebug Holiday Folders: Ornaments

Welcome back. This post was to have gone up mid December. Life does not always go as planned. Santa did not bring a new camera for me so I will have to get my own. Until then no photos, sorry.

So let me begin by saying Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, and Happy New Year. This is going to be your best year yet.

 I know you thought I had forgotten about the remaining holiday folders. NO WAY. I have just been having a great time playing with a lot of my tools and ordering new stuff like crazy. In this post I would like to share some of the things which resulted from the ornaments Cuttlebug folder.

There is much talk about using glossy cardstock and so I tried it with this folder and here are the results. (at some point a photo will appear here)

I wanted to create a resist technique but the angel nor the greeting showed as well as I had hoped, so I resorted to stamping, embossing, and cutting her out. I then mounted her to the card front using foam pads. The green paper background is a floral swirl that I overstamped with a red swirl. It turned out darker than I wanted, but again it is part of why I do the Learning Lab learn. I added the Christmas Skittles collection to the hanger of each ornament.

I played with a lot of my Sakura pens to test how each would perform on the card. Although the opague pens were different, the stardust pens gave the sparkly glitter results befitting the season. At Christmas everything needs to sparkle and shine. I cut a larger ornament from acetate using the Cricut Very Merry Tags mini cart and decorated it using the same Sakura stardust pen and stamped my greeting in the center with StazOn black.

From my playing around, I realized that I liked the black and white look from the sample card and decided to use my brayer to cover an entire card and make it black/white, with a silver accent.

Finally, I cut apart the ornament strips to use them as borders on a scrapbook page.

These folders are extremely versatile once you start looking at them as tools. When deciding on a purchase I have to immediately think of at least three different ways to use it or I do not buy it. This allows for a lot of variety in my crafting. 

My main staple is pure white cardstock. I can turn it into whatever I desire. I have thought up hundreds of ways to use it and pick up some whenever I am out.

I know that sometimes looking at that large blank canvass can be overwhelming, but for me it is a challenge to think outside of the box.

Thanks again for visiting my blog and if you have not checked out the latest Vee-dio it is the first one at the top of the Videos list.

As you get ready to prepare your Christmas cards, tags, or place settings, throw on a bit of ink and your guest will praise your handiwork. Why? Because it will be in the name of love.

Until then.