Monday, August 12, 2013

Happy Birthday to my Double Digit Dude!!!

It has been a few weeks since my son celebrated his 10th birthday and I wanted to post the banner that he awoke to that morning.
The greeting was adhered to the wall using the blue painter's tape. He was overjoyed when he spied it. I have to admit that he did awake while I was in his bedroom putting it up on the wall but I was able to soothe him back to sleep. He did not recall a thing. After a delicious breakfast, he grabbed his new bat and posed for a picture beside his banner.

He posed for some other goofy ones, but I will save those for the scrapbook. In addition to his banner I also put together this card for him using some very old product that I purchased during the QVC days. I absolutely love those alphabet soup letters.
Zachary loved the entire day; we devoted it solely to him. He wanted a game for his Wii so off to Game Stop we went. In addition to his bat, he received a baseball glove, baseballs and a new basketball.
I did inform him that the single (digit) life was behind him and there was no looking back. He proclaimed that he will enjoy being 10. Gotta admire that kid's outlook on life.

Until then.