Thursday, August 9, 2018

Flower Shaping #7 and 8

Welcome back crafty souls. I have been wanting to try this on the Dollar Tree foam for over a year now. That ship finally sailed and I was aboard. If you have not checked out any of the Foamiran videos, please do so. The crafters are very talented and create the most exquisite flowers. Here is my first attempt.

After creating a flower that was very similar to the carnation, I wanted to attempt a looser version and came up with this one.
I added stamens to the center. I like how the yellow one turned out better. It is more circular. I will have to work on that technique. I also tried my hand at one in blue.

I did break down and ordered white foam. I will be excited to share those flowers with you.

Here is a final look at the foam flowers I created.

Check out the Vee-dio if you missed it.

Until then.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Flower Shaping #6

There is nothing like having the summer to play around in my creative space. I am back again with flower #6. This was created as a large open bud that would work well in a bouquet. I added one leaf and the McGill Crystal to the center.

This is the flower created in the Vee-dio. I love the looseness of the bud. Additional layers could be added to show the bud blossoming if part of a bouquet.

A final view of both flowers. I am spoiled for choice. I can make these ANY color I choose. I am ready to make a full set to display in my vase instead of the real thing. They will definitely last longer.

Here is the Vee-dio.

As always thank you for stopping by. I hope you try your hand at flower shaping.

Until then.

Monday, August 6, 2018

Flower Shaping #4 and #5

I must admit that for someone who is not necessarily a flower girl, I have been having an absolute blast playing around with this wonderful set from Heartfelt Creations. 

The large and small Sweet Peony stamp set affords me so many opportunities to create one-of-a-kind beauties.

Two flowers were created this time. The first is taking the flower and making a very tight bud. This was done with the smallest flower from the small set. Almost reminds me of a rose bud. 

This next flower relies on the veining created using the stylus tool. I used Nuvo Crystal drops in the centers. 

This is the one I created in the vee-dio which is linked below in case you missed it. I added the stamen using the McGill Crystal punch. Glitter could be added to the tips for the look of pollen.

Here is a final look at all of the flowers created using the stylus to pull towards the outside of the petals and the small buds.

Check out the vee-dio of you haven't already.

As always thanks for stopping by. Keep inking in the name of love.
Until then.

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Flower Shaping #3

I'm back and posting the up close and personal view of flower #3 using the Heartfelt Creations Large and Small Sweet Peony Flower Stamps.

This flower is very open and loose. This would work well on a scrapbook page as the texture is in the embossing and will provide a 3-D look. 

This is the one I created on the vee-dio.

An additional view of the flowers side by side along with some of the smaller buds.

You can catch the vee-dio here if you missed it.

As always thanks for stopping by and keep inking in the name of love.
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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Flower Shaping #2

I believe I am on a roll with updating my blog. Here is a closer look at Flower Shaping #2. As you can see this is a really lush flower and would look very dramatic in a bouquet.

I do hope you give these a try. If you missed the Vee-dio, you can catch up on it here.

Thanks for your support of my creations and keep inking in the Name of Love.
Until then.

Flower Shaping with Heartfelt Creations

Oh my. Has it really been a year since I posted. I have done plenty of projects though. Oh, now I remember. I tried using my I-Phone and it does not play well with blogger. 

Since I uploaded thumbnails for my Vee-dios I decided to post them here also for an additional view.

This is flower #1 using the Sweet Peony large and small flower stamps from Heartfelt Creations.

They totally remind me of carnations. Heartfelt does have a flower set for that one. As you can see, you can add layers and shape them to achieve almost any look you desire.

In case you missed the Vee-dio you can see it here:

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Monday, August 14, 2017

Throwback Thursday on a Monday

I was tidying my creative space and stumbled upon these.

Don't recall the maker but I believe I ordered them from QVC.

Not sure where the rest of the alphabet is hiding but there were also word cards in the stack and I was decorating them to put in a baby book for my son. The cards were blank manila stock and I added the textures, embossing, inks, etc.

Another unfinished project that I need to COMPLETE.

Thanks for stopping by. 
Until Then.