Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Love Struck Cricut Cartridge

Belated Happy Valentine's Day!!! If you celebrated, I hope you had mucho fun. If you were in the northeast you were having a love/hate affair with the snow. Love to see it falling softly to the ground, hate to get out and shovel it all up.

I do want to share a beautiful Valentine's Day letter that my precious son wrote to me.

Reading that makes me overjoyed. HUGE SIGH. His love heart on the front of the card/letter is adorable. He took that idea from the Love Struck cart. Isn't he creative? LOVE it!!! I really like how the sun is shining in his picture. Gave me wonderful thoughts of spring.

I did find some time to play around with the Limited Special Edition Love Struck Cricut cartridge from Provo Craft and create a series of Vee-dios. Initially, I was not going to purchase this cart. Then I thought why not. Boy, am I glad I did. These images are perfect for just about any project. If I had to pick my faves they would be the heart with wings, cupid, the mailbox and #10 the heart with the flowers around it.
Scroll down to see some of the other images.
You can also find all three Vee-dios at the end of this post.

Number 10 just looks so sweet and innocent. I can see that being used with an 'I love spring/easter message". How precious and darling that would be. "Sending you a basket filled with love" and stuffing a basket with those cut out heart images. How 3-D and different. If you cut it the right size you could also attach some of those crystals to the center to add a bit of bling. Those about I've got a secret, wanna hear it.

Or...can I come over and whisper some sweet nothings in your ear.  Last one...I said I wan't gonna tell....but someone has a birthday, and I know it is you...or some other corny tag. You get the idea.

I am sure I could spend another day and half thinking up ideas for ways to use those sweet treats on that cartridge.

Although I did not do it on the Vee-dios,  you do know that all of these images will just have to get a bit of ink and all in the Name of Love.

Until then.

Zentangle Reloaded

Hello fellow crafters and those who like reading about what crafters are up to. This has been a whirlwind winter. I have been able to film and upload a lot of Vee-dios to Youtube. If you have not had the chance to check them out, see the Video list to the left. My area has been getting hit with a lot of snow. Being homebound is no fun unless you have lots to do inside of the house. I surely did. The best part was watching everyone try to dig out their cars and go where? All of the stores were closed! Great entertainment though.

On to the business at hand. I had been playing around with some images from Dover Publications that I receive in a weekly sampler email. There were some that were crying out for glaze and alcohol inks. Then it hit me: Zentangle Reloaded. I am all about finding easier ways to create art work. I printed all of the images onto acetate and allowed it to thoroughly dry. If you have heat embossable acetate you can use your heat gun. This image struck me as a suncatcher. Great crafting to do with your kids or a troop/club activity. I used some of the Sakura Craft and Hobby Glazes. These are available in a wide range of colors and there have been some metallic glazes added to the line that I am anxious to purchase.

Here I played around with the Glaze pen in black and simply traced the circles. I added different pieces of DCWV cardstock to the back to achieve various effects. The middle picture features a heavily glittered green card. The view in person is very striking. I also like the circles and bubbles effect.

This image was accomplished using the Sakura Identi-pens. These are permanent pens and are perfect for acetate because the colors are so vibrant. Again, I just traced over the lines and had a play with the colors. You can make this design be anything that you want. If you are feeling really creative you could go back in fill in some of the white space with the Sakura glaze.

Ok. I can admit and accept when an idea goes wrong. I was getting so carried away with my Sakura and acetate that I pulled out my permapague markers and decided to color in this image using the same method. Well....since the inks are not alcohol based, the colors did not blend as well as I had hoped they would.
I did not want to throw it out, so I tried using some of the alcohol inks on it. Needless to say it went from bad to worse. I still could not say no, and let it go. I saw the Cuttlebug and thought why not? Just cut it up and make it into something else. I used a set of my Spellbinder dies and made frames from the piece. They look much better separated and you can hardly tell that this was a project destined for the trash bin. Looks really art noveau.

Since I had out the alcohol inks, another why not? opportunity presented itself. I used butterscotch and  plum and dabbed these two pieces of acetate. I then turned them over and decorated the front. One I did in freestlye classic Zentangle/Zendoodle.

The other I took some help from some beautifully designed DSWV paisley paper. I laid the acetate over the sheet of card stock and took only the images I wanted. I did a bit of freehand just to give some looseness to the piece. It strikes me as carefree and I did not want to lose that.

Out of all of the projects, I think the garbage piece is my favorite. I like how the pens and inks give this a very funky appearance. You could not buy this in a store, so that makes it a true original. I don't like or do cookie cutter. So, I guess my best advice for making your work stand out from the rest, mess it up a bit and feel free to make some mistakes and you just might be pleased with what results. If not, then trash it and start all over again.

When you do start again, make sure that everything gets inked with love.

Until then.