Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Love Struck Cricut Cartridge

Belated Happy Valentine's Day!!! If you celebrated, I hope you had mucho fun. If you were in the northeast you were having a love/hate affair with the snow. Love to see it falling softly to the ground, hate to get out and shovel it all up.

I do want to share a beautiful Valentine's Day letter that my precious son wrote to me.

Reading that makes me overjoyed. HUGE SIGH. His love heart on the front of the card/letter is adorable. He took that idea from the Love Struck cart. Isn't he creative? LOVE it!!! I really like how the sun is shining in his picture. Gave me wonderful thoughts of spring.

I did find some time to play around with the Limited Special Edition Love Struck Cricut cartridge from Provo Craft and create a series of Vee-dios. Initially, I was not going to purchase this cart. Then I thought why not. Boy, am I glad I did. These images are perfect for just about any project. If I had to pick my faves they would be the heart with wings, cupid, the mailbox and #10 the heart with the flowers around it.
Scroll down to see some of the other images.
You can also find all three Vee-dios at the end of this post.

Number 10 just looks so sweet and innocent. I can see that being used with an 'I love spring/easter message". How precious and darling that would be. "Sending you a basket filled with love" and stuffing a basket with those cut out heart images. How 3-D and different. If you cut it the right size you could also attach some of those crystals to the center to add a bit of bling. Those about I've got a secret, wanna hear it.

Or...can I come over and whisper some sweet nothings in your ear.  Last one...I said I wan't gonna tell....but someone has a birthday, and I know it is you...or some other corny tag. You get the idea.

I am sure I could spend another day and half thinking up ideas for ways to use those sweet treats on that cartridge.

Although I did not do it on the Vee-dios,  you do know that all of these images will just have to get a bit of ink and all in the Name of Love.

Until then.


  1. Vee...just love these and the note from your little guy is the best!


  2. Thanks Tee. I will treasure it always.

  3. What a sweet son you have!! Can already see he will be a sensitive caring man some day. Good job mom !

  4. Thanks, Lorraine. He is a very caring person. Already wants to be a Vet or a Zoo Keeper if animals must be kept in one.