Monday, September 6, 2010

Back to School

Well, whether we are for or against; it is that time again. Back to school for all of the kiddies in my neighborhood. We have all gone to a common schedule so traffic should be much worse than usual. Gee, can you tell how excited I am?

To help improve my sour mood I decided to make some welcome to second grade treat bags for my son's class. This was a last minute decision but turned out well, I think.

 The idea came from a video I saw on YouTube. When I find it, I will post it. The plastic bags are the make a mold treat bags size 3.75 x6. When I cut my topper paper I used letter size and just trimmed off a bit on the side and then cut it in half.

Then I trimmed each piece to 4 1/2 scored on the mid line and inked the edges.

The 2nd grade was cut at 2" from the Locker Talk cartridge on page 73. I used the shift and layers key to get the phrase. No matter how many ways I resized and rotated this picture it still would not come out landscape. That is one of the features I miss about the old blogger. You could turn pics once inserting them. Maybe I should move over to Wordpress.
Then I repeated but used the shift and blackout to get the base piece which I inked with Distress Ink.

I used the Quickie glue pen to adhere all of the pieces to the base which I inked. Then wrote Welcome to and signed from my family on the reverse side. My son separated all of the candies and put them into the baggies. 

What became of those leftover pieces? Well they will be used on a layout for this school year as a base piece.

Waste not want not is my motto.

Here is to wishing you and the children in your life a wonderful start to the beginning of a new school year. Keep to your schedule and provide a supportive role to your child and the teacher. When you get a moment to sneak away and craft, try adding a bit of ink. It will make a world of difference.

Until then. 


  1. How sweet! (Pun intended!) After all that work I sure hope the teacher appreciated your gifts.

  2. Vee, these are great....I'll bet they were a hit!

  3. Thanks, Ladies. Yes, they were a hit and the teacher was thrilled. I was there to help pass them out to the students.