Friday, March 18, 2011

Winner Giveaway #8

  Since I did not hear from Atticelf by the deadline, giveaway #8 has been awarded to comment # 1 and she is numero uno too (lol):

Laney said...
Your giveaways just keep getting better what a wonderful Anniversary I hope you have had. Thanks for so many chances to win. Later Tater, Laney
Laney, congratulations lady and thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. Please send a shipping addy to bouchee2003 @ gmail dot com and your goodies will be on their way. 

Thanks again everyone. Keep leaving those comments to win.
Until then.


Ok, I have gotten back my mo-jo...yeah, right...and was able to do two posts in ONE night. Yippee. So without any further blabbering, the Winner of Giveaway #8 is comment number SEVEN (as generated by
Atticelf said...
I just found you via YouTube. Fantastic stuff! Thanks for sharing your creativity.
So....send a shipping address to bouchee2003 @ gmail dot com and I will get your goodies out to you without too much delay. lol

That's it for now...Gotta feed the kid. We just got in from Odyssey rehearsal. Afterward I am going to take some photos so that I can post the rest of the giveaways and do a bit of crafting. Yikes...can you believe it? I so feel like creating something. 

I want to try the Water Marbling technique that Heather at The Paper Castle did on her YT vid. You can find all of the materials she used on her blog. Heather says she will try to post once a week so that we can learn right along with her. 

Don't know about you but I plan to jump in with both feet. I am a technique junkie!!!!!
Until then.


  1. I have to say, I, too, have been so busy (in a play) that I NEEDED some craft time! So, Monday night I went to card night to get my fix :D
    Thanks for your posts; congratulations to all the winners; how do I find Heathers blog?
    Enjoying the sunshine the Lord has provided ;D

  2. Terri I have now edited the post and made the hotlinks in a different color. They are also underlined. If you click The Paper Castle it will take you to her YT channel and the blog...will go to her blog.

  3. I love your videos and God what great ideas you have, love it just like you say, well I want to get the set that you were talking about making cards with you put me on