Thursday, October 20, 2011

Officially Fall

There is nothing like a leaf covered lawn to signal the arrival of fall. As my son and I sat on our deck, we truly realized the meaning of fall as many of the trees in our yard shared their bounty with us by falling to the ground. 

After awhile I asked him to get the push broom to clear the deck while I prepared lunch. He came to the kitchen door to tell me that  it was a losing battle. He said, "Mom, that tree is fighting against me." As soon as he had one half cleared, the other became covered again.  I made him keep going anyway. 

I got an awesome Fiskars rake at Tuesday Morning along with one of the leaf collection is GREAT. If I can find some pics I will post them. Makes raking and bagging leaves a breeze.

The next day we filled about 5 bags of leaves and called it a day. The wind and rain has since brought more leaves our way. The lawn is now a jeweled splendor of nature's hues. I just love it. Here are a couple of more variations of the cards I made in my YT Vee-dio.

Keep inking in the name of love.

Until then.

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