Saturday, February 11, 2012

Whitney Houston dead at 48

My heart is heavy. One of my favorite singers, Whitney Houston, has died at the age of 48. Again, my heart is heavy. I was truly rooting for her comeback. But her voice on her last album fell short. 

Given that, I still wanted her to climb her way back to the top where she rightfully belonged. This song Million Dollar Bill let her fans know that she still had it going on.

With this post I just want to say that Whitney, I loved you and your instrument. Yours was truly a gift from God and your rendition of The Star Spangled Banner set the standard.

Most of all Ms. Houston, please know that we will always Love YOU!!!!

I could post more along the religious aspect and how we take the talents God give to us and use and/or abuse them, but I won't. I just want to revel in the moment and remember the Whitney Houston that I admired on the covers of the Teen Magazines. I saved my dimes and nickles to purchase it because she was a model appearing within the pages. Can you imagine seeing someone who looks like you getting top billing as a model. It was a proud Black American moment for me.

I know that Whitney was a Christian and believed in the Lord. But it is in our deepest and darkest hour that we forget to call on his precious and holy name to have mercy on us.

Rest in peace, Whitney.
Until Then.


  1. That girl had so much talent...she was simply amazing. Yes, it is a sad day.

  2. My heart is heavy also, this is so sad. I just hope she made her peace with God in her final moments. Her talent was amazing & I'll always remember & love her. Rest In Peace Whitney. Also my thoughts and prayers are with her mom, daughter and loved ones.

  3. Hi Vee. Thanks for posting this. I found your blog through Omega's blog. I, too, loved Whitney. When she was "on", she a force to be recconed with - BAR NONE! But, when she let those nasty drugs get her, and she was "off", she was really in a bad place. It's such a shame, because her voice was SUCH a gift. I'm glad to hear you share that she loved the Lord. The good news is, if she was a child of God and had called on His name in the past, it doesn't matter whether or not she "turned to Him" at the end, because once you've given your life to Him, He will NEVER turn His back on you, and I pray that she did give her life to Him at some point and that she is with Him now. Her voice was a treat for all of us who heard her.
    I also wanted to invite you by my blog. I'd love to have you as a new follower, and to learn more about your blog and your youtube projects mentioned. I'd love to know what tutorials, etc. you have there. Hope you will let me know, as I LOVE to learn from others. There is also info on a Blop Hop on my blog (last day to hop is Monday, February 13). I really hope you will stop by and say hello. I'd love to get to know you.

  4. Vee....truly a touching tribute. And I too looked up to Whitney Houston as a girl...thought what a beauty she was both inside and out, and as you said, gifted beyond belief. She was amazing....and it's incredibly tragic that her life ended at such a young age.

  5. OMG, your tribute brought more tears to my eyes! I couldn't have put your thoughts more better. Simply beautiful!! TFS! :-)

  6. OMG, your tribute brought more tears to my eyes! I couldn't have put your thoughts more better. Simply beautiful!! TFS! :-)

  7. I love her voice!
    thanks for sharing