Sunday, July 29, 2012

Beach Birthday Bash

We spent Zachary's birthday celebration at Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, USA.

He had wanted a party at the National Zoo but Mom was a bit slow in getting her act together. I talked him into a beach trip.

We invited his grandmother and a cousin who shares the same birthday as him.

The boys wore themselves out and I relaxed for a full 15 minutes.

While I was away feeding the meter they were buried in sand and had to stay that way until I returned.

Their grandmother said they wanted me to see them. I think she milked it for a break. She knew where they were and did not have to follow them. lol

Here is the card I made for his birthday. He asked for dinosaurs...really?...and I was happy to oblige. He also wanted the Dilophosaurus on his cake.

He received gift cards to Toys R Us so that will be our next stop. He went to bed eight and woke up nine. That birthday eve he said to me this will be your last hug from your eight-year-old. I hugged him; held him tightly and shed a few tears. He is growing up waaaay too fast. So long eight, it was a great year.

Until then.


  1. Happy Birthday Zachary! and yes, mom they do grow up way too fast....but from the pictures it appears you are making the most of every single moment. Big hug to you and Zachary.


  2. happy birthday to your son.

    It must have been a very great day at the beach, I can see that on the pictures.

    And yes, they grow up fast. But each year they give there year another charme.

  3. This is awesome, Vee. And yes - we DO need to use up our old papers, don't we? I always say I'm going to use them before I buy more, but I never hold true to that one. LOL
    Have a blessed week, and please stop by and play along when you can at:
    We would LOVE to have you join us!
    Karen L