Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A half century ago...

One of my former colleagues pushed her way into the world and none of us have been the same since.

In honor of her birthday one of her best friends and former colleagues wanted to send her 50 hearts through the school mail so that she would be showered with LOVE on her birthday.
Of course I had to send my best wishes.

The original heart was pink poster board. I asked if I could jazz it up a bit and was told yes. The cards were numbered and I took number 50 and decided to do leaving 49 and forging ahead to 50.
This is what I sent from my son and me.

Once my students saw my heart, they wanted to send one to her also. At work that day, I quickly threw this one together from them. They all signed the back which was decorated and there was a die cut in the center that said, from 18 kids who know you rock...the number of students in my classroom at that time.

I truly hope that when she opened her box she felt the love that her former school stills feels for her.
Until then.


  1. So pretty and also love what you did for the kids card!

    1. Holly thank you so much. I have been on a card making binge for about 3 months now. Ready for these next 13 days to whiz past so that I can play more.