Thursday, August 6, 2015

Football Themed Birthday Party

Happy 12th Birthday to my wonderful son. He has brought immeasurable  joy and happiness into my life.

Once it was decided that yes, he wanted a party this year; we established the theme. I got busy looking for appropriate items. His cake is from Shoppers Food Warehouse and was delish. I found the cutest file at and designed his invitation using the football party set. The fonts are from the June bundle. You should check them out. The August bundle is up and it is too cute. 

I created goodie footballs ( for all of the attendees. I had meant to create a tag saying, Thanks for attending my celebration. Hope you had a ball. All of the items were round. ha, ha. well,  I did not pull off that one. Here is the basket that sat on the table at the party. I did suggest to the boys that after emptying the football, use some cello tape to hold it together and you can play football indoors. LOL
An inside look at the loot. I am certain that their dentist will send me beautiful bouquets of roses once he realizes I am the reason for his upsurge in business. The treats were purchased in bulk  and divided out using candy bags and twist ties.

I truly believe the winning touchdown were the tumblers ( that I made to honor their favorite football team. The boys were over the moon when they saw them. Many were thrilled because they finally had a cup with the correct spelling of their names. I used black vinyl (Oracal 651) to cut them out of a varsity font found at --a first. These cups do come with a coordinating straw in the color of the lid.

Here are two photos of the opposite side. I printed out the logos using the Cricut printable vinyl. This was another first. I cut them on my Brother Scan n Cut and sprayed them silly with Krylon Acrylic sealer. I am hoping that with care, they will last. At least the vinyl names are there to stay. Yes, we had a lot of Ravens fans in the house. Anyone out there with season tickets that would like to donate a few games? I promise I won't turn down your offer. tee-hee.

We had a grand old time and I love that I got to enjoy the party, too. My party host at Ultrazone Laser Tag did EVERYTHING. Took the boys to the laser tag room, returned them. Served the pizza and unlimited sodas (another boon to the dentist's purse), cleared away all the debris and led the boys in singing Happy Birthday and then served the cake (the dentist owes me BIG time). Alls I had to do was sit back and enjoy. He took them for another game of laser tag--I allowed another parent to play in my place--and i put my heels up and practiced my deep breathing. While they were away he returned to clean the room. Afterwards, I supplied all of the boys with tokens for the arcade and then it was pick-up time by the parents. Whew. That hour and 45 minutes flew quickly. This place offers, invites, cake and goodie bags. Being the crafty gal that I am, I wanted to tackle that part of the party.

That night my sweet angel said this was his best birthday ever and that he did not want to close his eyes because that meant the day was over. I told him no worries, we will celebrate the entire month. Oh, how I love that kid.
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  1. Wow, what a great job and I'm sure it felt wonderful when he enjoyed it so much! Kids are the best - my daughter is 35 and I've loved every minute. I haven't done any vinyl yet but I do have some to test.

  2. hi linda, and yes it felt great to enjoy his party with him. i think vinyl is my new love. how interesting that you left this wonderful comment on my birthday.

  3. It certainty sounds like a great birthday. Happy late birthday Zachary!!!! I miss you Vee!!!

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    2. wow, zerry took a look at the facilities. this can be very earthy or very elegant. kudos to you for jumping on the event party planning train. you get to have a party ALL of the time. I am now planning an anniversary and graduation soiree.
      best of luck to you