Sunday, January 13, 2019

Cracker Gift Box

Wow, wow, wow. Those cracker gift boxes were a big hit. I think the libations might have played a huge role also.

These were easy to make since I did them assembly style. It is also a great opportunity to use up candy purchased for other projects. Each box does not have to contain the same candies. 

This is a top view of the Cracker Boxes

I like that you can be as elaborate or as simple as you choose. I was in a hurry and so I went with patterned paper. 

You could use white and adorn each one with stamps and/or stickers.

There were left over bows from my Mug Treats and I pressed those into service for these. This made them quite festive. They were cut using the WRMK bow die and I used the JOT metallic paper from Dollar Tree.

I used that same metallic paper to created the box lid and used a variety of Christmas themed embossing folders.

I was told that the best way to use the shot glass was to let the whiskey swirl around and marinate for a bit prior to indulging. Another told me that he drank the shot and then simply at the shot glass. Options, options, options.

For my wine loving friends, I am thinking of enclosing a miniature bottle of wine and one of the tumbler wine glasses with their names in vinyl. That way we won't mix up glasses when we get together. I always claim the one that still has the most wine in it.

Thanks for stopping by and keep inking in the name of love.
Until then.

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