Sunday, November 22, 2009

CARS Cricut cart

Hello everyone and thanks for stopping by. I have had this Cars cart for awhile and finally decided to tackle one of the characters a couple of weeks ago. I wanted to start with something simple (or so I thought) and here are the results of one Lightening McQueen.

The cart warns you that some of the pieces are very small and they did not lie. Once I kinda got the hang of it all, I was able to pull it together. I discovered that this cart does not have a base feature for the body...only a shadow. I guess I could size down the shadow a bit and use that as the base. Beware the body cuts out in all of those intricate pieces. 

It was tough going getting everything cut and glued in the right place. My suggestion would be to remove and place the pieces as you take them off the mat. I will play with this cart more and share the results here.

Alas, there is no ink on this project. I was just too excited to get it put together. The pizazz and dazzle with have to come later. Keep cutting up those carts and piecing and inking in the name of love.

Until then.

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