Thursday, December 16, 2010

This is the only Turkey I'll ever eat

Hello again everyone. I know the title of this post might be a bit perplexing. Meant to post it some time ago, but life got in the way. As many of you know my son LOVES animals. I vividly recall the day he said to me, "Mom, I am no longer going to eat meat." I said, "Okay, but can you tell me why?" His response, "You know how much I love animals. I can't eat them." He was six at the time. 

After picking myself up from the floor, I set out to find some good vegetarian dishes for him. I still try to sneak him a piece of meat every now and again. I love meat...whose kid is this???? 

When we were home on Friday following Thanksgiving, he asked for his cookie. I ate the pumpkin one. Then he said, "See Mom, this is the ONLY turkey I will eat." He bit off the head and said, "Yummy!"
He is ADAMANT about not eating turkey. So, I thought I would share this photo with all of you. My BF BIL brought these to Thanksgiving Dinner. He got them from a shoppe in Georgetown I think. They were gingerbread for sure and maybe pumpkin. All I know is they were good and not a bit of ink to be seen. Unless you count the icing.

Until then.


  1. You go Zachary, that cookie look good from this view smile.

  2. Zachary...that cookie looks so good. MMMMMM!!!