Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy Almost New Year's Eve

Can you believe that we are just a few days away from 2011? Ouch, kinda hurts to type that. The years are zooming past. I think I want time to move a little slower or somehow add more hours to the day. How about a thirty hour day? I would LOVE that. Now, that would make the years move a bit slower.

I am pretty sure you are not impressed by my time challenges since we all face them. I do have something that just might impress you, and it is the Martha Stewart corner and border punches--but used on circles and ovals.  Now I can have more than four shapes on a piece. Yippee!!!

Here is a quick look at what I was able to accomplish using just a corner punch. 


You can see the complete Vee-dio here. Caution, it is LONG, but I did cut out about 10 minutes worth. lol

For your enjoyment I have also posted a tutorial on using the border punches and making small snips to place them on an arc --Circles and Ovals--which results in breathtaking pieces. Vee-dio below these pics. Just a bit shorter but not by much.

Double Arches



I know that 2011 will bring new and exciting changes and challenges to our lives. Hold tight to your faith. I don’t know how people who do not believe in a power higher than themselves manage. It is ONLY through the grace of God, that I am lucid and able to function on a daily basis. It is not my purpose to preach to you or anyone else, this is an expression of my faith in God. The Bible says that if we don’t spread the Good News and acknowledge God, the very rocks will cry out.  Luke 19:40.  I am not giving the rocks a chance.

Thank you for stopping by. Although the tutorials were about the punches, you know I had to throw in a bit of ink. Love the Tim Holtz Distress ones.

Until then.


  1. I love the diffrent ideas on the punches. I truly can say you do a wonderful job on showing how they are done and they are so awesome!! Thank you for your wonderful video for 2010, I have truly enjoy them.

    Happy New Year to you and Zachary, may God continue to bless both of you
    in the year of 2011. It's hard to believe that 2010 has one more day before we close the book on that year. Love you, Schuyler (

  2. Vee, these are all amazing....I expect nothing less, when I'm here.....and I would have fallen apart long ago if not for the grace and guidance of our Lord. Hope you have a wonderful and blessed New Year!!

  3. I just watched your video of this project on youtube. It is soooo awesome!! I just love what you have done with your punches! Thanks so much for sharing such valuable information with us! It is awesome! I stumbled across your YT channel. I subscribed to you and then I came to your blog and followed. I am passionwriter70 on youtube. :)
    Have a wonderful, safe and Happy New Year!!!

  4. I love watching the videos on how to work these punches. thank you for showing me how to do it.

  5. You are something else Girl!!! I love all your ideas with the corner punches... Just found your site while looking at post on utube for the Never Ending Card folding...
    I'm going to have a ball looking thru your site..
    Thanks for sharing your ideas!!!! And making them so easy to follow!

  6. How clever! And I thought I had managed not to get MS obsessed! Now I gotta get.