Wednesday, December 14, 2011

2011 Christmas Card Reveal

Teasing Time is OVER!!! It is finally here--- the 2011 Christmas Card Reveal. It took a bit of doing but I was able to pull it off and get them into the mail in a timely manner.
This is just a small sample of the outside of the cards. As you can see each panel is a bit different. I initially wanted the panels to cover the entire front. Since this is a 6x6 card it was going to be increments of 1/4 inches. So I took what was left over and used it on the other cards but adjusted them so that they sat towards the bottom of the card leaving room for those gorgeous pearls on top. Therefore, not a lot of scraps. I used them . lol Here is another one.

Ok, now I get to admit to my error. On a couple of my musical ones, I glued the insides so that it was upside down. I used the "It's Christmas Time" to cover the print. tee-hee. I think it is more noticeable on this one. Will most likely try to do the same by covering the 'fine'. I was able to lift up the middle piece but I used the Scotch quick dry adhesive on the side panels and once down it was down. So had to improvise.

Hey, we can't all be perfect and I am first in that line. lol. So ready for the inside? Well, here it is. All of my inking punching and paper piecing came out to be this.

Can we say labor of love? That is certainly what this one was. I will use all of that valuable real estate on the back of the card to write and mat my handwritten message. 

I think they turned out well and will definitely do something super simple for next year. Every now and again I do love to go with the flow. 

Terri asked what punches I used. Here is a pic. 

They are all MS border punches: gingerbread, holly and ivy, pine needles, skyland snowflake, and presents.

Ok. So I snapped a few pictures. Here is another view.
When you untie the ribbon and open the card the steps move forward and sits beautifully. Every side is decorated. Now that I have had a chance to see T!m's Lamppost die, I definitely want it. This one is an Inkadinkado stamp colored in with Sakura glaze gel pens.

Oh, the ribbon is Anna Griffin...gorgeous.

Thanks for coming back to have a final peek at my 2011 Cards.
Until then.


  1. Thanks, Tee. Can I tell you how much fun it was trying to wash off all of the ink each night. It was great. I am trying to get more into using my Cricut since I have a nice collection of carts now.
    Glad you stopped back in for the reveal.

  2. Vee....each and everyone is just beautiful!! And Oh boy...that last one is a work of art!!

  3. Fantastic! Who wouldn't love to receive one of these beautiful creations!

  4. Now that is some card. They certainly are a labor of love...very pretty....

  5. Wow - that is amazing! Your card is beautiful. A heaping helping of generous work and joyful play...:)