Saturday, December 10, 2011

2011 Christmas Cards Teaser 3

Have you cried, 'Uncle"? I know enough with the teasing already. Wanted to pop in and quickly give you something to drool over. This cute little house almost drove me to the nut house. I mean how many can you put together before you go batty? I am still counting but the wings are getting in the way. lol

I must admit that these cards are a labor of love. I am only making 12 of them. Yup, anymore than that, I would be having a miserable Christmas season. The card just kept morphing and taking on a mind of its own. I kept trying to follow my muse, but finally had to stuff him in a closet until I regained my sanity. Maybe one more teaser before the final card.

Check back to see. Ummm...did I mention this house is only 3.50 inches? Yeah. Until then.


  1. This is so adorable...and tiny! Love it

  2. It IS lovely, better for being teeny I think!

  3. Vee, your card turned out so beautiful. I don't dare ask how many hours per card. You are truly an artist!!