Thursday, August 9, 2018

Flower Shaping #7 and 8

Welcome back crafty souls. I have been wanting to try this on the Dollar Tree foam for over a year now. That ship finally sailed and I was aboard. If you have not checked out any of the Foamiran videos, please do so. The crafters are very talented and create the most exquisite flowers. Here is my first attempt.

After creating a flower that was very similar to the carnation, I wanted to attempt a looser version and came up with this one.
I added stamens to the center. I like how the yellow one turned out better. It is more circular. I will have to work on that technique. I also tried my hand at one in blue.

I did break down and ordered white foam. I will be excited to share those flowers with you.

Here is a final look at the foam flowers I created.

Check out the Vee-dio if you missed it.

Until then.

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