Sunday, January 16, 2011

Corner Punch TKO

This was to be my final bout with the punches--hence the TKO. Just as I finished uploading that Vee-dio another idea popped into my head. I am hoping I can get it done. In all fairness I had to place it on my list because there were a few things ahead of it. Vee-dio is embedded below if you have not seen it.

Below are just a few examples of some of the things I did with the corner punches on the 4 ¼ x 5 ½ pieces of paper.

I went into my container of folders and just randomly selected a few. As you will notice, several of them were done without getting the embossing on the punched pieces. I will share how to do that at a later date. I did not think to show that while doing the Vee-dio and then it came to me later. Again, I had to put it on the list.

Now on to making the strips. This same method would work on a 12 x 12 sheet of cardstock cut into strips. It takes just a small amount of measuring to ensure that your punches are even and accurate.

This was cut at 2 inches wide with 1 inch spacing.

This strip was cut at 2 ¼ inches wide with 1 inch spacing.
Here you can compare them side by side. It still amazes me how much difference a quarter of an inch makes. Lol.
The same treatment was done with the Double Loops corner punch. The measurements are 2 ¼ inches wide and punched every 1 inch.

Another comparison between two strips both cut at 2 inch widths. The one on the left was eyeballed and you can clearly see what happened. Whereas, the strip to the right was measured for one inch spacing.

By simply putting in a bit of work in the beginning you will certainly reap the rewards in the end. If you know you want to do a lot of strips, mark your paper first and then cut it to the desired widths. I love how the Layered Arch punch turned out. Cool.

My final punch was the new Heartbeat from Martha Stewart. I can really see using the strip technique on this one and wrapping it around a box of chocolates. That strip along with the leftover confetti sprinkled on would be awesome. 

Thanks for stopping by today. Hope I was able to help you look at your punches in a new way. I love punching and embossing in white because I can make it whatever color I want it to be. Try this same technique on patterned paper and I am sure you will be just as pleased. Do me a favor and add a bit of ink here and there.
Until then.


  1. You are a treasure and a real inspiration for me. Love the excitement you bring to corner punches and never, never thought about using them for border punches. I keep returning to your blog for more fun and can't wait for what you might have in store for us next time. Keep up the great work. Thanks

  2. Thank you so much gardener, I have all of these ideas zooming around in my head. I actually have wear myself out so that I can sleep at night. My brain just does not want to shut down sometimes.
    Thanks for visiting.

  3. Veronica you are such an inspiration. I was so excited after I found your blog I couldn't get my punches out of my head and what I can do with them.I hope you don't give up on the punches.I will be checking your blog everyday.
    Your awesome.Thanks for the email last night.
    Jocelan P

  4. Jocelan, you are very welcome. I do plan to show how to emboss and leave out the punched edge. Stay tuned.

  5. Veronica, Thank you for showing how to used the differnt punches. Keep up the awesome work that you do. Glad to see you back. Schuyler

  6. Vee, so cool.....I really need to get out my punches to

  7. I have the double loop punch! This is sooo cool... need to try it need to try it!

  8. Brilliant ideas - have only two corner punches but can see will be getting busy with them - when time permits Shaz in Oz.x love your ink and acetate one too must get some practice on it too one day!