Thursday, April 14, 2011

Yes, Finally Spring

Or at least I hope so. We had a day of 80ish stormy degrees and immediately dropped back to 59 and have been riding the low 60s all week. I am ever hopeful that Spring will spring. So to help me celebrate and get into the mood I made these two cards.
Nothing super complicated. I used an embossed background and swiped it with a variety of Distress Inks. I attempted a Roman Shade fold on the side panel using paper from the Echo Park Springtime collection. Need a bit more practice on that one. The birds are from a McGill punch and out of the EP paper and the ribbon is????? All of this is mounted to a brown card base.

This is another variation on the same card, except this time I used the stickers (bird, butterflies, and flower and leaves) from the EP Collection. I mounted the pieces on black paper and left a faint border around them to give them a bit of presence. Another inked embossed background and the same Fiskars punch. I felt that the flower was too heavy for the card and thought about removing it and adding a tree, but once down it stayed down. lol
All in all, I am still happy with it. It looks like Spring. Who wouldn't love it?
Until then.


  1. Hey they do look like fresh and I like the Roman Shade look!!! It works..

  2. Very nice. The beautiful background on the first card really looks good behind that gorgeous ribbon! Is the Roman Shade the same as the Waterfall card? Does it move?
    Happy Spring :D

  3. Vee...oh my heart is singing. Since I dont have a real spring here yet...fingers crossed! cards put me in the mood of spring. Thank you and I just love the Roman Shade. I am definitely scraplifting your it!

  4. Vee, so this card....and yep, like a breath of springtime!

  5. Vee...I love them all.....they just lift your spirits!!!!!!

  6. Terri, it is not like the waterfall. Just the pleating to get the Roman shade look.