Friday, April 20, 2012

Happy Birthday Maestro

I would not be a loyal fan if I did not take the time to wish the one and only Luther Vandross Happy Birthday. This man's voice was unparalleled.

Just to hear the passion in his unique sound. It is a shame that it took 15 years for us to recognize and acknowledge his vocal abilities. 
It has been almost seven years since his soul departed for Heaven.

Talk about an unsung hero, Luther Vandross would be that hero. Thank you for your talent, your time and your gift.

Rest in peace, Mr. Balladeer, Mr. Vandross.
Until then.

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  1. Beautiful tributes, Vee, for both Luther and Whitney!

    LOVE your vee-dios (as you call 'em). Very cute! I guess that's cuz of your name, huh?? See, nothing gets past me, eh? LOL

    I'm your newest follower! Looking forward to checking out your blog a whole lot more. :-)

    Would love if you visited me at my blog. :-)