Thursday, May 7, 2009

More Easter

Although Easter Sunday has come and gone, it is never to late to share ideas for the coming season if the Lord is willing and the creek don't rise. ( I heard that growing up.) Here are a couple of more cards for your enjoyment.

This is the card opened. I decided to use the aperture to place a phrase inside the card. The photo below shows what the card looks like when it is closed.

The base of the card started out white and I used several shades of yellow and green to achieve this look. I tried to keep it analogous and use black as a powerful accent. The He Is Risen is slanted on purpose. I wanted to give the illusion that the circle is rising towards the heavens. Again, I inked using the stencil brushes. I just love those.

This next card used those same Studio G stamps and the Sakura glaze pens. I actually used the Sakura pens on the Happy Easter and Ranger clear glaze on the egg to make it shine. Yummy.
So as not to be outdone I gave the words some sparkle and shimmer of their own using the Sakura glaze pens and some of the Fiskars glitter gel pens. And of course the eggs wanted in on the bling action. I feel that the gel pens really brought this card to life. The 3-D effect is outstanding.

It was a lot of fun experimenting with these cards. I had never done apertures before and once I started I could not stop. So guess what you will see on the next five cards or so? You are sooo smart. Apertures. As always I will find creative ways to Ink in the Name of Love.

Until then.

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