Wednesday, October 27, 2010

New Products We LOVE or HATE

Hello everyone. Wednesdays on my Yahoo group is a day to share new products that we love or hate. Well, mine is so eye-opening for me that I thought I would blog about it.

Ok, here is the story. A Hoover vacuum that I had owned for years (got it at the JCPenny outlet when I lived in Southern Cal) died on me. It had served me well for over 14 years with nary a problem. I could have extended its life by having it serviced and cleaned.

When it went kaput, I ran out to a local discount chain and picked up a bagless one they had on sale. Not the greatest vacuum but it worked. Only thing was that the dust and debris really collected in the filter area. I was tired of trying to brush it all out. Dust went everywhere. Sooo, I decided to wash it. Yes, I would get a clean filter and a better working vacuum. WRONG. Do not ever wash a filter unless it says that it is ok. That thing STANK!!! It smelled like old fish, or something left out to rot. Not one to throw in the towel, I surmised that baking soda might lift out the odor. In the interim I figured I had better start researching for a new vacuum cleaner. 

A week later the filter was still smelly. I could take it no longer. I had to get a vacuum. Well, I went out to a local chain discount store and went straight to the salesclerk. She took me to the back and we were looking for their vacuums. They had some cleaners but not ONE vacuum. Just as we were about to give up, she moved around a couple of boxes and found a Bissell in the back. The box had been opened but that was about it. 

She said is this the kind you were wanting. I told her it did not matter. I was desparate and needed to vacuum my house. My new Bissell comes home with me and I put it together that same day and vacuumed a bit in the living room. I was surprised at the amount of dirt and lint I was able to pick up.

Fast forward to the next day. I decide to become a cleaning machine and tackled my bedroom. I am a pretty good housekeeper. I vacuum the living room, hallway and dining room daily. The bedrooms get some attention at least twice a week. To my chagrin this is what came out of my carpet during the first run through on only one side my bedroom.

 Needless to say I was appalled. Now, I was vacuuming under the bed and along the baseboards, but gimme a break. 

This is what put in an appearance when I vacuumed the other side of my bedroom.

Now before you criticize me, I have a theory about what happened. My previous vacuumed worked, but not well enough. It was a bagless vacuum but the suction was not that great. Yes the tank would fill, but never to this point and not after vacuuming the entire house.

I was complaining that everything seemed so dusty. I would dust and later that day or the next day, everything was dusty again. I had the HVAC filters changed. No help. Hmmmm. What was going on? It was the vacuum cleaner. The suction was not powerful enough to remove all of the dust, dander, hair, etc from the carpet and walking on it only stirred it up. Not enough so that I would notice. I must add that I have several Sharper Image air purifiers and was having to clean them more often than usual. I have an Oreck in my bedroom and had the same problem. 

I was feeling really pleased with my bedroom and vacuumed the hallway. This is what I picked up.

I am sure you are thinking why is she posting this. Because I absolutely LOVE my new Bissell. 

Their motto is so true. They mean clean. I have the Little Green for liquid spills, but not for the floor. Now that I have this little beauty, I am not going anywhere else. A home shopping channel had the cleaner for a today's special--this was before I purchased mine. When I see one again, I will most definitely buy one.

Before you judge me, try a different vacuum cleaner on your floors. Will you be brave enough to post what you collect in the canister? Trust me; all vacuums are NOT created equal.

Until then.


  1. Isnt it amazing what a new vacuum can do...we replace our old one last year with a Dyson ball and were as shocked as you are about the amount of dirt and dander the new one picked up. Love a new vacuum!!!

  2. We replaced our vacuum a couple of months ago too and it does wonders too it's a Windtunnel from Hoover - it's a knock off the Dyson at a fraction of the price. For my hard floors I was using those silly bissell steam vac with pads... wooooooo too much elbow greese and not enough clean but I found a hoover floormate I love that too. Leaves my floors clean and shiny with out streaks and dries up preety fast too.