Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What's in Zach's Sach?

OMG is about all I can say. My son received some mail yesterday from a member of my Yahoo group. Let me just preface this by saying she is one talented lady. As evidenced by this card, she should be designing for any company who appreciates versatility and style. Without much further ado, here is her awesome card. Thank you, Kathy.
 I tried to take the photos so that I would not get a glare from the flash since I was too lazy to pull out the Ott lite. Here is a closer look at that awesome monster.

 These were waiting on the inside of the card.

This does not do justice to her creativity. The Trick or Treat phrase is textured. Don't you just love the hand drawn bricks?

I know these are peels off but don't know the company. When I find out I will let you know. (Edited to add that these are the Black Dazzles---I have to add that these are FUN!!!)

The coloring is exquisite. What did you use? Sakura metallic pens or Copic Spicas? 

Did I mention that she is a wonderful Copic colorer? SHE IS and I want to feature more of her work here. 

Please leave a comment giving her some love and encouragement.

Well, Ms. Kathy certainly inked this one for sure...in the name of love.
Until then.


  1. Zach is one very lucky little guy to get this fantastic card from Kathy!!!

  2. Ok, this card is so darn cute!! Great job, Kathy! Thanks for sharing it, Vee!!