Friday, October 22, 2010

Zach's Sach

In honor of WI (Wisconsin) Debbie I am going to start a series called, 'What's in Zach's Sach?' During our last product swap, she included goodies for my son, Zachary. On the outside she had affixed bubble stickers saying Zach's Sac. I added the h simply because it is in his Well, remember the treasure chest of love I received from my Scrappin Friendz?

The next day there was something for my precious son. He was thrilled to be thought of by Mom's scrapbooking friends.

Here is what was in Zach's Sach:

This was so right on time for him. He loves Play Do, Dinosaurs, stickers and any kinds of games. The Monsters are perfect because he loves drawing them and this just gives him another creative outlet.


There was also a gift card for ToysRUs and of course he has used it. He wanted the Hot Wheels color shifter set and that is what he purchased.

You ladies rock. A special thank you to Bridget (who joined our small group a few months ago) and to her lovely daughter Stephanie for putting this together along with the Scrappin' Friendz.

We are blessed to have found each other and I don't like going one day without chatting with them. Although I have not posted much in the past couple of months, they all know that I am still there and leaning on them.

I am taking things one day at a time. I have reached for the phone a couple of times to telephone my Mom. She and I spoke on the phone EVERY day. It is hard and I miss them both so very much.

I'd like to say a special thank you to Schuyler, my new friend. Your prayers and support have been much appreciated. I will try to continue crafting and posting. 
Until then.

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  1. Vee..your post today really touched me, give Zach a big hug from all of us. much love...T